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What’s Going On (Rhythm)

ryan August 21, 2020
STEP 2 – Rhythm

Feel free to use a simple “down, down, down, down” strum (1 down per beat), or “down-up, down-up, down-up, down-up” strum (1 down-up per beat) to get started. As long as you’re in sync with the tempo of the song, you’ll be fine. If you would like to get a little more fancy and play the same rhythm that Aldrine strums in the Play-Along video, it will take a little more practice finding the groove. Before you get started, you’ll need to know how to chunk (for more info on that, check out the Uke Minutes lesson on Chunking). The strumming rhythm also requires you to release the pressure on your fretting hand. Try holding the Emaj7 chord, then releasing the pressure so that your fingers stay in place but rest lightly on the strings to mute them. Then reapply the pressure, and lightly release again.

When you’re comfortable with chunking and applying and releasing the pressure on your chords, watch the video below for more info on how to recreate Aldrine’s strumming rhythm for “What’s Going On”:

Now, try playing along with the Play-Along at the top of the page, adding either the basic strum or the intermediate rhythm to your chords. Great job, you can now play the song!